The Atmospheric Chemistry Division (ACD) is part of the NCAR Earth System Laboratory (NESL).  Research within ACD is aimed at quantifying and predicting the role of atmospheric chemistry in the Earth system through observations and modeling.  Our current and near-term atmospheric chemistry research goals can be classified broadly into two areas:

Air Quality Prediction Research

City smog

  • Understanding, observing, modeling and forecasting air quality and composition in the developed vs. developing world
  • Understanding the interactions between natural and anthropogenic emissions
  • Extreme events: Heat waves and wildfires

Interactions between Chemistry and the Climate/Weather System

  • Ozone and oxidants
  • Production, properties and lifetimes of atmospheric aerosols
  • Upper Troposphere – Lower Stratosphere processes, including convective transport and stratosphere-troposphere exchange
  • The role of the middle atmosphere in climate
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ACD | Atmospheric Chemistry Division