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Gulfstream V in Guam during CONTRAST 2014

FRAPPÉ: Jul-Aug 2014

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NCAR Foothills Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado

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Zhou, Weidong, Xuexi Tie, Guangqiang Zhou, Ping Liang, 2015: Possible effects of climate change of wind on aerosol variation during winter in Shanghai, China. Particuology: Science and Technology of Particles, 10.1016/j.partic.2014.08.008 | OpenSky

He, Hui, Xuexi Tie, Qiang Zhang, Xiange Liu, Qian Gao, Xia Li, Yang Gao, 2015: Analysis of the causes of heavy aerosol pollution in Beijing, China: A case study with the WRF-Chem model. Particuology: Science and Technology of Particles, 10.1016/j.partic.2014.06.004 | OpenSky

Drews, Carl, 2015: Directional storm surge in enclosed seas: The Red Sea, the Adriatic, and Venice. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 10.3390/jmse3020356 | OpenSky




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