Atmospheric Composition REmote Sensing and Prediction

ACRESP logoChemical forecastThe Atmospheric Composition Remote Sensing & Prediction (ACRESP) program connects satellite observations and chemistry modeling to improve air quality forecasting.


Science Goals

The ACRESP program is currently working on several projects:

  • Analysis of retrievals from MOPITT and IASI carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Development of data assimilation of satellite retrievals of chemical composition (MOPITT CO, IASI CO and O3)
  • Real-time chemical forecasts including the assimilation of MOPITT CO in MOZART-4 and customized forecasts in support of field campaigns

The CHRONOS mission

Science Highlights

Analysis of the 11-year record of the MOPITT CO retrievals shows decreasing trend over various parts of the globe [Worden et al., 2013].

 Fig 5 from Worden et al., ACP, 2013.





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